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Imagine beautiful Hand Painted Digital Paintings created from your favorite photos. I love creating beautiful, family heirloom treasures from digital photos near and dear to your heart, to love and admire for generations.


dog and best friend painting
Furbaby Love                                                                                                                                


Original Photo courtesy of Pixels


Professional Photographers Welcome!

All Photographer inquires welcome. Do you have a special client looking at transforming one of your amazing images into a Custom Hand Painted Digital Painting? I would love to help you provide this very special service to your clients.

Please contact me for wholesale pricing based on an estimate from your image. I can provide you with the digital image for printing through your preferred printers, or can provide you with a completed painting on canvas, through my preferred printers. Contact me today using the contact form, or give me a call to discuss your needs.

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Hand Painted Digital Paintings from Photographs
Hand Crafted Digital Painting: Formal Wedding Day Portrait.                            


Outdoor wedding portraits are amazing, but maybe you always dreamed of something more formal. Contact us today to have your favorite photo transformed into a beautiful Hand Painted Digital Painting. A one of a kind Heirloom that will last generations.


Original Photo courtesy of Lindsey Markle Photography

Pet Portraits

I also work directly with ReadyAimeeShoot Photography of Maryland, who specializes in Pet, and family and pet portraits.

I absolutely love to paint animals…and animals with their humans!

Have you always wanted a painting of your beloved pet or a portrait of yourself or family with your fur family member? We love creating a custom photo shoot for the ultimate perfect painting. Use the contact form to find out how…


Original Photos used as a source for the paintings… Courtesy of ReadyAimeeShoot Photography

All Handpainted Digital Paintings by Joyce Farkas Digital Paintings

Hand Painted Digital Painting of Collie Puppy






Original Photo Courtesy of ReadyAimeeShoot Photography





pet portraits
Hand Painted Digital Painting of Gus” the English Bulldog



Original Photo Courtesy of ReadyAimeeShoot Photography





Pet portrait
Hand Painted Digital Painting of Boxer.



Original Photo Courtesy of ReadyAimeeShoot Photography






Hand Painted Digital Painting of family with their 2 white collies
Hand Painted Digital Painting of my family with our 2 white collies


Original Photo Courtesy of ReadyAimeeShoot Photography





Pet Portraits
Best Buddies












One of my all-time favorite cell phone pics taken by me of my son and his best friend Sprite.

Original Photo By Joyce Farkas

What is Digital Painting?

My digital paintings begin with a high-resolution digital photo. Next, using Corel Painter, a digital painting software, my MacBook Pro, and Wacom drawing tablet (as shown in the photo below) the digital photo is brought into the system as a source photo and the magic begins! Every pixel in the digital image gets touched, pushed, moved, colored, or highlighted with digital brushes. In the Corel painting program are many digital brushes that emulate traditional artists brushes as if they were working in mediums, such as oils, acrylics, watercolors, and many more.  A full range color palette and many digital surfaces can be chosen for color and texture. Digital brushes can be changed in size, opacity, re-saturation, and other attributes so that the artist can fine tune a brush to their needs and liking. Just like in traditional mediums, the artist can completely develop their own style and techniques within Corel Painter.

After the completed painting is paid in full by the client, we send it off to our printer where it is printed, then bonded to the highest quality canvas, using a time-honored technology that fuses the image directly to the canvas. The canvas is then sealed with several coats of lacquer, then hand finished with brush strokes of acrylic, then sealed again. You can see the process here! Your painting can be made into a mounted canvas perfect for framing, or into a beautiful gallery wrap ready for hanging.

Hand Painted Digital Paintings from Photographs
My Digital Painting Work-space ready to go, listening to you, excited to help!

Get started today on your heirloom painting…

After you’ve reviewed my work, it’s easy to get started by using the contact us form on my site. I look forward to working with you creating your family heirloom to pass down for many generations.